Diver Finds WWII Planes At Bottom Of Pacific , But When She Looks Inside

Brandi Mueller is a professional diver and world-famous underwater photographer. While most of our planet’s oceans are yet to be explored, Brandi is among the few people who manage to swim deep down and document her findings for the rest of us to enjoy.
On a recent dive in the Pacific Ocean, Brandi uncovered something that left all of us stunned.

Enjoy | Abandoned Spaces

Brandi had always known she’d work around marine life. As a young girl, she loved exploring the ocean and collecting seashells. It’s no surprise where her career has taken her. She became SCUBA-certified and started diving at just 15 years old. Since then, her dreams have taken her all around the world.
Enjoy | Abandoned Spaces

As Brandi grew up, she developed an additional love for photography. She decided to pursue work that would combine both of her passions, so she entered a student exchange program in New Zealand before she was even old enough to get her driver’s license!
It’s safe to say that her training has paid off…
Learning As Much As Possible

Enjoy | Abandoned Spaces

Brandi spent her college years traveling as much as possible. She’s visited Tasmania, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, and plenty of other beautiful places. These were the years in which she studied plants, ecology, and much more. She even became a diving instructor to share her passion with new students!

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